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Tanjore Paintings in Chennai

Thanjavur Painting is a peculiar, ancient, miniature type of painting named after the place Thanjavur [called Tanjore in English] in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India.  Thanjavur is located in the state of Tamilnadu and was the capital of the mighty Chola empire. The Chola rulers besides being great warriors, were builders of magnificient temples and great patrons of arts. It was against this setting that this highly specialised form of art with its characteristically beautiful ornamental relief work flourished.Thanjavur is famous for various arts and crafts in which paintings are ranked high among the other arts like Thanjavur Toys, Thanjavur Plates, etc. Tanjore painting origin dates back to the 16th Century under the rule of Nayak and Marathas.

Tanjore paintings grew under the sponsorship of Nayak and Marathas prince in the period of 16th through 18th Centuries. Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Saints were the core theme of the paintings. Paintings are prepared on Canvases which is on Solid Wooden Planks. A layer of cloth is pasted on the wooden plants to prepare the Canvas. Paintings are decorated using Gold leaves of Gems. Gold coating (22 carat) is used to beautify the paintings.

Artistic work was practices by two many communities in Tanjore, Tricy and Madurai. Namely Rajus and Naidus. They are Telugu speaking people migrated from Rayalseema during Nayaks rule. 

Paintings were done on materials like wood, glass, mica, exotic media such as ivory, murals and manuscripts. Most of the paintings were of Hindu deities & saints. Other courtly & secular portraits were also created. 

During ancient days Paintings were embedded with Rubies, Precious stones and Diamonds.This has evolved now and we can use use of Semi Precious and artificial stones. "Saraswathi Mahal Library" in Madurai has few of these paintings and this was built during the rule of King Sarfoji.  

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Lord Ganesha
Lord Muruga
Lord Krishna
Lord Balaji
Goddess Saraswathi
Goddess Mahalakshmi
Goddess Durga
Goddess Aandal