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Ganapathy - Large

  • Size : 23.2 * 19.3 Inches
  • Frame : Wooden
  • Weight : 5.0Kg
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Description of product

Lord Ganesha or Pillayar or Ganapathy

According to the Vedic literature, Ganesha is the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi and he is the head of Pramadhaganas, hence Ganapathi. His brother is Kumaraswamy or Lord Muruga. Hindus worship Lord Ganesha with several other names like Vinayaka, Vighneswara, Gajanana and Ganapathi.

Lord Ganesha – The Lord of Remover of Obstacles

Lord Ganesha is the first Ishta Devata, the chosen God, of all Hindus, regardless of their sectarian position. Worship of Lord Ganesha leads the devotee most naturally to the other great Gods.

Until you have established a rapport with Lord Ganesha, you cannot establish a relationship with Krishna, Ayyappan, Amman, Vishnu, Rama, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Sita, Radharani, Siva or Murugan outside your own limited concepts. It is Ganesha who introduces you to the millions of Gods of the Hindu pantheon, none else. That is the way it works, as Lord Ganesha is the God of spiritual wisdom.

Among all the wonderful Hindu Deities, Lord Ganesha is the closest to the material plane of consciousness, most easily contacted and most able to assist us in our day-to-day life and concerns. In his hands Ganesha wields a noose and a goad. With the noose He can hold you close, or hold obstacles close. Ganesha can capture and confine both blessings and obstacles. With the goad Ganesha can strike and repel obstacles. This Lord is called Remover of Obstacles, but He also places obstacles in our way, for sometimes his devotees are proceeding in the wrong direction, and His obstacles block their progress and guide them slowly back onto the straight path of dharma. When instinctive willfulness causes the seeker to decide to step out the bondaries of dharma, the Lord of Obstacles is there to block the way. His emblem is the swastika, symbolizing His circuitous course in guiding the seeker through life’s perplexing experiences.

Worship of Him strengthens your memory, builds character and brings knowledge from the within. It also protects you from the lower forces, which reside in the little-known chakras below the muladhara. These darker charkas govern fear, anger, jealousy and the confused thinking centered around self-preservation. 

Lord Ganesha Gayatri:

Om Ekadantaya Vidhmahe
Vakrathundaya Dheemahi
Tanno Dhanthi Prachothayat    
Lord Ganesha - Thanjavur Paintings are made on canvases (wooden plank with layer of cloth). The cloth is then evenly coated with a paste of limestone and a binding medium and let to dry. The artist then draws a detailed sketch of the painting on the canvas. A paste, made of limestone and a binding medium, is used to create 3D effect in embellishing and ornamenting the theme using a brush. Gold leaves and gems of varied hues are used in selected areas like pillars, arches, thrones, dresses, etc. The shine and glean of the gold leaves used by the Thanjavur style paintings last forever. Finally, colours are applied on the sketch. Standard wooden frame is used to house the paintings.  

Beautiful paintings of Lord Ganesha can be kept in the Pooja room for prayers and can also be given as a gift for House warming, Marriage and other functions. 


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