Mahalakshmi - Large

  • Size : 23.2 * 19.3 inches
  • Frame:Wooden
  • Weight : 5.0Kg
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Goddess Mahalakshmi 
Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She holds the promise of material fulfilment and contentment. She is the goddess with her arms raised to bless and to grant. She is the consort of Vishnu and married his incarnations Rama (in her incarnation as Sita), Krishna (as Rukmini) and Venkateshwara (as Alamelu). In addition to Rukmini, however, she was also thought to have incarnated as the milkmaid Radha, Krishna's youthful lover prior to his marriage to Rukmini. In Vaishnava traditions, She is believed to be the Mother Goddess and the Shakti of Narayan.
Sri one of the names of Goddess Mahalakshmi is widely used as an auspicious symbol which evokes grace and abundance. Goddess Mahalakshmi is often depicted  with hands sitting or standing on lotus. Goddess Lakshmi is depicted  as extremely beautiful with two of her hands holding lotus flowers and other two offering blessings of fortune.
Goddess Mahalakshmi Gayatri

Om MahaDevyaicha Vidhmahe
Vishnu Patnyaicha Dheemahi
Thanno Lakshmi Prachotayaath   
Mahalakshmi - Thanjavur Paintings are made on canvases (wooden plank with layer of cloth). The cloth is then evenly coated with a paste of limestone and a binding medium and let to dry. The artist then draws a detailed sketch of the painting on the canvas. A paste, made of limestone and a binding medium, is used to create 3D effect in embellishing and ornamenting the theme using a brush. Gold leaves and gems of varied hues are used in selected areas like pillars, arches, thrones, dresses, etc. The shine and glean of the gold leaves used by the Thanjavur style paintings last forever. Finally, colours are applied on the sketch. Standard wooden frame is used to house the paintings.  
These beautiful paintings can be kept in the Pooja room or in the room we keep cash and gold. Typically paintings are gifted on house warming cermonies.

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